So far, I never reveal any of your secrets. It is because spreading stories is not my option as opposed to you to acquire attention. No wonder you always involve in a fight in view of the fact that you are such a titanic pretender that love to be a story-teller. You are expert in gaining sympathize and turning it into controversial drama. I'm the witness for what you have done to other people and I'm never thought that you could do the same thing to me. Good job! Frankly speaking, you are a good friend but when you left me for your own sake (the real problem that you have with me) and negatively manipulate the friend-to-friend conversation because you don't like me, you are the one who abolished the title. I'm very certain that each second of your breath you will keep talking about me as it is your nature to curse people that you hate to death. I don't see how you can shut your mouth since you do this to all of your friends-turned-into-foes.

This entry was only for me to remark my mistake for being so easy when it comes to trust people. Please do not make any assumptions. Human got this problem 1) correctly listen/read/see 2) wrongly interpret 3) wrongly disseminate.

Note : This is the first time I publicly talk about you. Like I'm mentioned before, I'm not like you. I don't spread stories like you do. Since this is my first time, let me make it last. End of chapter. New book.

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