Planning Gives Me Hopes.

There are many things I wish to do before I die. Some may sound ridiculous and the rest may look typical but eventually, I don't care. I just want to plan. Like wise man used to say that you should see life more than just a life. Essentially, this is what I'm trying to get into. Only certain people know that at one time, I had suffered from destination addict. I tried so hard to reach the goal till I missed the anecdote of the path. Supposedly, I need to suck up an effort to make it heaven or bloody hell but unfortunately I didn't opt one of the options. Like the other, I have my disenchantment. In that point, I'm pretty sure that it caused my major injury. I know I shouldn't. I just let it be as far as I started to realize that this is not me. Hence, I changed to my old version. Blame the surrounding is not cool like I used to be when I loose the ticket to become a lawyer. Now I had successfully completed my Degree and I'm glad that I have my life back before I shoot the target. Basically, I believe that when you see life more than just a life you should see life before and after death. Dear Allah, please give me the chance to contribute to your chattels because seriously I want it so bad. But first, allows me to protect my family. Only You can gives me the opportunities. Back into my plan, I desire to read as much as I could in the view that I can attain something from the author's writing. Hopefully I can start from the novel er, can I have any suggestion? HAHA. Poor me. I'm also seeking for the great movie to be watched. Believe me, I missed many blockbuster movie that sustained widespread popularity and achieved enormous sales during my lifetime. I think Twilight is my worst. In addition since I was a kid, I always has the delusion of a green hill covered with the wave of flowers blow by the wind. It will be my pleasure to lay down on the ground while looking after the clouds. I love clouds and I don't have explanation on that. It has become a fact. Besides, I want to get my black belt. I end up with brown because I quit Taekwando after my finger fractured during the competition. You don't know how much I get excited when I watched Karate Kid because I have the thought that I can relate to the passion of Xiao Dre. In basis, I only listed five but the truth is I have many more. However those five things is what I always want to. It is okay if I can't make it because Allah knows what is the best for me. I only got the plan but He produce the result. I'm only endeavor. This gives me hopes.

Plan gives you hopes and ways.


syufaa said...

mcm knal jln ni..hihi :)

ps : bkn nk komen psal entry. hihi. cowy dear.

Mrs. Apple :) said...

ha ha ha. xde hal :)
ntah pape je sye tles, ikut hati yg tbe2 nak gne english plak. ha ha ha
jln nak belok shah alam or nak balik puncak perdana :)
org shah alam ye? :)