Each and every time I see this picture of mine, I remember all those pleasant moments in 2011. In fact, I can cease myself from any negative vibration as I can see myself positively free and open to any challenges. After all, it was refreshing yet priceless when the title of stranger turned into buddy and my nil experience moved into miles journey in Tioman Island. I have been to other places for vacation but believe me, Tioman Island is up to something special. Therefore, I will never stop discovering inexperienced environment, cultures, and activities as as well as appreciating wonderful friendship. Will you accompany me?

Note : Perhaps, I am not an iron lady. Some people can hurt and certain things can affect myself indeed but going out from reality by traveling with the person I need in any way able to cure me. That is why I believe that once in awhile, we need to escape from routine. Bye 2011.

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