Pages you 'like' in FB reflect the real you?

Pada pendapat aku, page yang kita like dalam facebook, can reflect who you are & what you think. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau page yang kita like tu, semuanya berdasarkan apa yang kita lihat, dengar, rasa, & fikir. Definitely, it will looks like a long life-story based on your intuition. Telling the readers what you believe, hate, and love beyond perfection and imperfection.

Ini adalah page-page yang aku like dalam facebook. Berkebolehan memberitahu orang apa yang aku suka & tak suka, apa yang aku mahu & tak mahu, apa yang aku kejar & tak kejar. Berupaya bersifat sarcastic dan mencetuskan situasi 'siapa makan garam, dia yang terasa masinnya'. In fact, berkuasa memberitahu mereka yang aku sayang : aku sayang sangat-sangat kat diorang :)

I hate ppl who says they did not study yet they are studying crazily behind, I don't do my homework then pretend to look for it in class., you talk about all your friends, so i wonder what you say about me., Yes, my status is talking about you. So take a hint from it pleaseeeeee ;), The caption of your picture is "I look so ugly." So why is it your default?, I'm too lazy to bend down, so instead, i pick things up with my toes., Everything is funnier when you're with your bestfriend., Laughing with your bestfriend till the point where you cant breath! :), I randomly walk up to my fridge, open it, look, and walk away, I don't want to go back to school/college tomorrow!!!, A Muslim Guy Looks Gorgeous When He leads A Pray and Read Al-Quran, "He's so Hot"... "Oh, So you like him now"... "No I just think he's hot", KAMI MENENTANG PENIPISAN DAN KEKURANGAN AYAM DALAM NASI AYAM, If you cant Accept me at my Worst, you dont Deserve me at my Best, Some say I've changed. But I'd like to say, "I've found my self!, saya benci lelaki yang mencarut dekat perempuan, I may not always show it.. but I CARE :), I know your lying but i wont say anything cause its funny to watch you try!, saya suka lelaki tanpa misai..^__^, Benci Orang Yang Suka Mengutuk Orang, aku tak suka dibebel :), Saya Benci Kalau Dipaksa Buat Something yang Saya Tak Suka !, Saya Suka Sangat Ketawa :), KAMI SUKA KUNYAH AIS BILE AIR DAH HABIS!!, Sometimes I Lie To Myself Because I Don't Want To Believe The Truth, Hi. You think we're friends. I, however, think you're annoying as hell :), Please be on. Please be on. Please be on. Oh. You're not on., I hate people who are only nice to you when they want/need something!!!, Looking in your eyes and thinking 'If Only You Knew', I only told you, so if you didn't tell anyone, how does EVERYONE know?!, If only Ferrero Rocher doesn't have a nut in it., i like you, i love you, i miss you, i need you.. and thats how it goes, Siblings Didn't Hurt Each Other. Sometimes They Hurt Bcoz They Care., you're so fake, i just want to hit you., I hate it when the shopkeepers look at me like I'm gonna rob the store, I hate it when people say "SO?" when i tell them something., I don't care how many years its been, I still hate you for what you did., I just say "whatever" because I'm too lazy to fight with you., Whatever happens , happens for a reason , I WISH I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT AND NOT GAIN WEIGHT OR GET SICK, I HATE IT WHEN I AM BEING COMPARED TO OTHER PEOPLE, I hate rude people, Don't mess with my family!, I would do ANYTHING for my family., The way we met was kind of ridiculous, but I am so glad it happened. , i hate it when u want to sleep in but u really need to go to the toilet, I can't hear you, so ill just laugh and hope it wasn't a question, I last minute plans.They are so much better than plans made before!, I Was Going To, But Then You Demanded Me To, So Now I Don't Want To, 1 friend request. 0 mutual friends. I don't think so., I Hate Girls Who Use Fake Voices Trying To Be Cute., I hate it when people say 'Sombong eh skarang' like huh?, How come people who study say they don't ???, Excuse me ? Boleh tak kau jangan berlagak pandai dengan aku ?! Hoh !, Dude...I was there.... don't try to change the story., Don't Pretend That You Like Me! I Don't Like You Either, So It's Okay!, I am who I am. Im not going to change just because you don't like me., :) :D :P :@ ;) :'( :') :O :S :L - What would we do without them??, Phone Rings "Hello" Where Are You ? "On The Bus" Hurry up? IM NOT DRIVING!, I'm gonna be with who makes me happy, no matter what anyone thinks., Touch me again, I promise, I'll hit you hard, "Tell me! I promise I won't get mad!" ... "YOU DID WHAAAAT!?", "Can I see your phone" does not mean "can I see your messages", A girl can still be beautiful without showing too much skin., The word "SORRY" only means something if you're NOT going to do it AGAIN!!!, I only text "K" when you have pissed me off, upset me, or made me jealous!, Appreciate your life. Theres always someone who has it worse than you do., I Hate People That Show Off Too Much!, Nak Cakap Takut Kecik Hati , Tak Cakap Kang Makin Menjadi !!!, If you like me, Tell Me, if you miss me, Show it, if you love me, Prove it, My mom has ALWAYS been there for me! No matter what! I LOVE YOU MOM :'), Trying to make a girl jealous doesn't make her want you more., I Love My Sister More Than She Knows, Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened., if you think Islam is terrorism, than you're definitely stupid., Saya suka makan MAGGI..!, I'm not a stalker, it was on my homepage, The first time I saw you I thought you were weird now your my bestfriend, I panic when someone says to me 'I need to talk to you'., I Love It When Teachers Come Into The Class & Say: Please Do Your Own Work, saya teringin nak jadi sinchan, because every tall person needs a short best friend :), I'm tired of using technology, I need you right in front of me :), I Don't Feel The Need To Explain Myself To Others Anymore..., saya tak suka ada notification yang takde kena mengena dengan saya., Saya Tak Suka Lemak Saya..., Saya tak suka lelaki pukul, lempang, sepak terajang kaum wanita, Awak,awak nih comel la. Saya suka tengok awak., I My Dad For Everything He has Done., I hate randomly feeling depressed and having no idea what's wrong., I hate feeling sad for no reason., Thinking about "IF ONLY" will not change everything..., you do not know everything, don't act like you do, Usually, people change into everything they said they would not be., Everything will be okay in the end. If its not okay, its not the end., Yes, I know you love your bf/gf, but must you make every status about them?, You are my friend. You know I like him. Why are you flirting with him?, I dont care if you think he's ugly . i like him., BOY: HAHAHA YOU'RE SHORT. GIRL: I'M A GIRL. I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TALL., Saya Suka Shopping, Saya Tak Suka Bila Internet Lembab (kura2 jalan pun laju lagi), Saya Suka Tidur, Saya Suka Makan, I MISS UR VOICE - call, dont text.... :(, Text a girl 'hey beautiful', and you could make her whole day., I Hate Getting Texts That Only Say "k", Yes, I do feel better when theres a smiley in the text you send me, I love sleeping in...but i get mad when i realize half my day is gone :(, I'm not cold or arrogant; I'm just really really really shy., I love it when I smile at someone and they smile back at me:), i love it when you call me sayang & hearts; ♥, I love it when a song describes my life., I love you. You make me smile. Stay in my life. Simple , Sometimes I wish someone would just hug me and tell me everything's okay., I said I don't know so why are you still asking me questions about it!, why are you adding all my friends! you dont even know them :, Don't talk about me behind my back, people tell me what you say, If A Guy REALLY Likes You, He Will Do Everything He Can To Get To Know You, Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, My life, is my life - Stop interfering and get your own!, i hate spending the weekends doing projects and assignments!, You didnt want me then , so why want me now ? i dont need u :), SMK Dato' Haji Talib Karim, Dont judge me on what people have told you, get to know me first., I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE INTERFERE IN MY LIFE, When I'm bored, I eat : When I'm happy, I eat :) When I'm sad, I eat. :(, Saya Tak Suka "KAWAN" Yang Kedekut Ilmu!!!, why do people care what i do, it's not effecting them, It's funny how you believe me when I say I'm fine.

5.54 am.
I'm sure this gonna inflate :)


aMMy said...

gler byk. aku x larat nk baca daaaa

Mrs. Att :) said...

what's in my mind & heart :)
looongggg life story :)
ammy, thanx for today, sweetie :)

Eddy Rizal said...

Hi teman... Saya baru sahaja join Blog.. Harap awak memberi sokongan.
Saya dh jd followers awk nti klu sudi
jd la followers saya juga yer hehe :D


Mrs. Att :) said...

okay rizal :)
no problemo :)