Semoga Ada Agensi Pekerjaan Terbaca Entri Aku.

- muka skema-rama -

Di Mulut :
Good morning sir (senyum) First and for most, I would like to express that I am greatly indebted to be here and thank you for the interview session (senyum) My name is Nur Izzati binti Mohamad Anuar (senyum) and I am from Alor Gajah, Melaka (senyum) I am the eldest from four sibling (senyum) and both of my parents are teachers (senyum) I have just completed my studies in UiTM (senyum) Thus, my degree had assigned me to have major in records management and mtinor in system management in which I believe that suits the position that I applied for (senyum) Basically, I love to work with the public (senyum). It always be my desire to work in such a great place like this company which inspire me to create and enhance the company's competitive advantage (senyum).

Di Hati :
Penat ah senyum. Cepat lah habis. Nervous gila dah ni. Nak pergi first date pun tak nervous camni. Tolong la encik, tolong la, aku nak ada banyak duit. Bagi la aku kerja. Jadikan aku bos pun takpe.

Note : Semoga ada agensi pekerjaan yang terbaca entri aku.

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