I am very satisfied. I had designed the blog header, arranged the blog layout, and removed the 'valuable' Nuffnang. So yes, everything here looks fine to me (at least to me. HEHE). However, as a matter of fact, there is one more thing which is seems to be uncheckable in my list : to write in this blog from the bottom of my heart. InsyaAllah.

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Tell me. Do you perceive this glass as a half full or a half empty? I'm pretty sure you will feel that people who consider the glass as a half full are confident and people who think the glass is a half empty have some sort of negativity. But to me, everybody has their own ground reason. Some of the people seeing the glass as a half empty because the emptiness will force them to fill more water. No wonder, we often see that those people who think that they are 'full', almost forget that they are slightly 'fool'. For example, the government of 'cannot be stated' country. The voice of majority to improve the weaknesses were neglected and abandoned. They thought that nobody knows their conspiracies. How pity. Thus, from my perspective : loneliness, desolation, and failures, are not just a bad company but also a powerful kick start for human being to be filled and enhanced with knowledge and iman. Yeah, totally a reminder to myself. Thus, I prefer to choose both. Being positive as well as craving for improvement is the perfect combo.

Note : I'm going to have a sleep. Good morning everybody. I am so thirsty and out of the blue, the concept of half full and half empty came across my mind. HEHE.

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