My Real Best Buddies.

Even though I may look arrogant, believe me, I am not. I love making friends in real life but only stay with those people I love and loved me in return. Thus, I will have no regret since I spend my whole life living with the most enjoyable and delightful buddies all around me. However, this doesn't mean that we only share good times as we also holding hands during crappy moments. That is why I don't have any problem to be a listener. My friends can always come to me and have my shoulder. That is my promising promise when you choose me as your bestie. In spite of this, I don't spread stories. I get unutterable mad when people accuse me for something that they wrongly interpret. Seriously, you better ask me before any judgment are made or I will curse you to death (joke la, joke). Frankly speaking, it is totally right when I speak out that there are only certain people can be called as my best friend. This is because only limited number of friends like YOU can share the hardest moment together to make up meaningful friendship ever.

After all we have been trough, do you realize that we have been a good-friend for more than eight years? I owe you much because you really know how to brings my laughter to the max. You make day, my life.

I love how you make me feel comfortable when I am not. You have the quality that other girls may not have. I see you as a kind person and you never put me down.

You are so far away but yet you are so close to my heart. I treat you like my own family. That was the best gift I ever gave to a best friend. For God Sake, I always miss you.

Even we have been separated by distance, you always make the time for me. You make me feel appreciated and I have no objection to say that you are such a nice girl I ever met. I am grateful that we are destined.

It is precious because in front of you I can be real. You always have the guts to tell and share. Most of all, you never left me behind.

You are my girl, always be my girl. You know how to protect me at my worst. You are my girl. Definitely my girl.

People may not expect that we are close to each other but anyway, who cares? You have my concern because it only belongs to people that really care about me and that person is definitely you.

You have something that makes me love you. Even me myself have no answer for that. Maybe it because you are different from the other.

We did fight during back days but then we make up again like it was never happened. It was cool and I miss all that. I mean, I miss you.

Note : If your picture was not included in this entry, it doesn't mean that you are not one of my good friend. It only because I don't have the permission to take your photo from your social networking site. Copyright Act doesn't allow me to do that :)


NadiaShafiqa said...

best friends are forever... ;)

Nur Izzati binti Mohamad Anuar (Ati Anuar) said...

If they appreciate you, it remains forever :D
hi, nice to meet u :)