Hello Blog. Panggil Saya Ati. Saya Suka Makan.

Hi! 'freeMy name is Nur Izzati binti Mohamad Anuar. You can call me Ati just to make it simple. Particularly, I'm from Alor Gajah, Melaka, Malaysia, and the best part of living here is my close-knit family. Not to forget, my real best buddies. This year, I will turn into 22 which I believe that I should be more prepare to face failures and have the capacity to achieve goals. In fact, I have started to realize that thinking of "if-only" will not change anything. Disappointment and depression will fade away as soon as you generalize that fall down is not the end of the world when you have the courage to run again. Get back into personal, I am so into taekwando and photography. Pity me, I'm suffer from flu for so many years. I did experienced series of paranormal episodes and I don't think it is cool but yet it is interesting. Since I'm the eldest from four girls, I can be very protective when it comes to my family. In addition, I am ambitious and devoted. I am glad my parent are very supportive. With or without spectacle can split me into two different personality : funny girl or serious lady. Therefore guys, this is how I do life.
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